Celebrating Mom in Chicago

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After a relocation to the Chicago area, the mother in your life needs some pampering more than ever. The great thing about living in your new city of Chicago is how much variety there is to offer for everyone in your family. Anyone can find the special treat to show the mother in your life how special they are to your family. Here are some ideas of ways to celebrate and pamper that special lady in Chicago.


Geja’s Cafe

This is a great alternative if your mom doesn’t enjoy the typical brunch after church celebration. Geja’s Cafe offers mothers chocolate and champagne for starters and a complimentary five-minute massage. If you want to treat your mom further, ask one of the Lincoln Park Massage Spa therapists for an appointment later that day or week to surprise your mom and extend her celebration.


Chicago Aerial Tour

This is for a mom who craves adventure and doesn’t mind height. You can choose from a day or night tour of the city of Chicago, where your mom will be treated to breathtaking views of all the Chicago landmarks.


Kaya Day Spa

This is a super spa with over 10,000 square feet of relaxation paradise. This is for the mom who really enjoys the pampering and tranquility that comes with a facial and massage. With countless spa treatments to choose from, the hardest part of your mom’s visit is deciding what she wants to do during her visit.


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3 Top Places to Check Out Before You Fall in Love With a House

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You don’t want to make the mistake of touring a house and loving every single detail of it before you come to realize that it’s a 45 minute commute to your work in heavy traffic. The more you know about the area you are moving to before you start looking at houses, the better. Here are the three top places you should make sure are in a short distance to the area of New Jersey you would like to move.


School District

Even if you don’t have children yet or don’t even plan on having children in the future, the school district your home is located in can affect the resale of your home. Look for highly rated school districts that have a strong history of good schools, so if you don’t move for a decade, you will be sure to get top dollar for your home. Keep in mind though, the better the school district, the higher your taxes might be in that area as well. It can be a wash at times though, because the money you pay in taxes you will gain back when you go to sell your home.


Amenities That Are Important to You

Do you like to go to the gym everyday, or possibly have a passion for flying airplanes? If you will spend many of your precious weekend hours at one particular location, make sure you’re not wasting your time driving, but spending it enjoying your free time.


Hospital, Doctor and Other Medical Attention

There is something especially reassuring knowing you’re close to medical help and a hospital, if one is needed in an emergency. If you have a family or a medical condition, you want to know where help can be located and how long it might take to get there.


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Overview of the Lending Process

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Relocating can be filled with many processes you might be unsure of. One thing for sure is that you will get quality service from your Orange County movers. While we can help you with moving your things, we like to help you get the large picture of the lending process as well.


Before you start working with a real estate agent, you should get a pre-approval from a lender. Preapproval is the best way to know how much house you can really afford. Many real estate agents encourage their clients to complete the pre approval process before they will even show houses. Your preapproval can give you a huge advantage in an active market because home sellers know you’re preapproved.


Once you’ve looked at all your housing options, you will make an offer based on what is a fair market value of other homes in the area. If you have an accepted contract, you are almost to the finish line! In most cases you should expect a little back and forth with price or terms of your contract. When your contract is accepted by both parties, and inspection will help you determine if the house is in good condition before closing.


As you wait your closing date, your mortgage will be processed by a mortgage underwriter who will validate the claims you have made on your mortgage application. If all checked and passes the underwriter, your closing will deem you home ownership! Don’t forget that during this process, you need to call your Orange County movers to set up your move.


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Best Places Off the Beaten Path in Orlando

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When you relocate to Orlando, there are some things you’ll want to learn. First, you have some very bad drivers who live in this state. Second, Orlando may or may not be owned by Disney. Lastly, there are times in the year that are busier than others. One of these times is Spring Break, which sees pretty solid traffic from March to May. You might notice your favorite places to visit are a little too busy during this time, so here are few ideas off the beaten path in Orlando that you can check out when the Spring Break crowd is in town.


iFly Orlando

Do you have dreams of taking the plunge out of an airplane, but are not fully committed to risk of jumping to your death? At iFly you can experience the full free-fall feeling without actually jumping out of anything. They use a vertical wind tunnel to create a wall-to-wall cushion of air that allows you to fly. It’s so safe that children as young as three are able to participate, so it can be a great all ages family alternative to a theme park.


Harry P. Leu Gardens

Educational, beautiful, and relaxing; these are all great for a weekend activity! The Harry P. Leu Gardens have over 50-acres of gardens to explore with points to help inspire and help you appreciate the native plantings of Florida.


Silver Springs Nature Park

Coming to the Silver Springs Nature Park will really help get you acclimated to the native creatures from Florida. You can take a walk or hike around the park to see firsthand all the species of birds, reptiles and even insects. There is even a petting zoo and alligator farm on the park grounds, don’t worry you are not petting alligators!


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Important Considerations Before Moving Out of the Country

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Relocating to a new country takes a little more planning than your average move, but with the help of your International movers, you don’t have to worry about your things getting to where you need them. Taking this stress off your plate allows you more time to consider the following, before making the move out of the country.


Renting and Buying

Some countries make it very hard, and almost impossible, for expatriates to purchase a home. It might be due to the lending policies, or perhaps require a larger down payment than you have saved up. Knowing this information beforehand will help you plan out your options before heading over to take a look at your housing options.


Getting Around

Are you moving to a country that has a great public transit system? Can you bring your car over from the ‘States? These are good questions to keep in mind when you are thinking about how you will get to and from your job, school, and other places.


Medical Services

Especially if you have a family or a health condition that requires care, you need to make sure your new country has the necessary health facilities you need. Knowing laws about conditions and prescription availability is also very important before your big move.



If you need the internet to do some or all of you work and like to have the ability to keep connected to your family back in the ‘States using Skype or Facebook, you will want to check the reliability and price of internet services.


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Best Weekend Road Trip Destinations Outside of Phoenix

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Who needs a little rest and relaxation more than someone who just recently moved? After your Phoenix movers do the unpacking, you should make the reservations to book your weekend getaway to unwind from the commotion of moving. Here are some of the best relaxing destinations right outside of Phoenix.


Sedona, AZ

Sedona is your location of choice if you want a spectacular spa experience. With many world famous spas to choose from, the hardest decision will be choosing your treatments. The canyons and rocks are a great backdrop to your weekend of bliss.


The Grand Canyon

Only a four-hour drive from Phoenix, you can easily drive to and from the Grand Canyon in a weekend. It also has the best view you can find near the Phoenix area. If you’re an outdoors sort of person, you could backpack down the canyon and camp out for a weekend you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Lake Havasu

This is the largest lake you are going to find in a desert. Lake Havasu is a big treat if you love to relax by water and enjoy water sports on the weekends. Pretty much any water option is at your disposal, including seaplane rides to enjoy the landscape.


Las Vegas

At just a little shy of 300 miles, Las Vegas might be a little too far for your weekend getaway. But if you do decide to make the drive, you know you won’t be disappointed. You can find any type of activity that you could ever want to do in this city.


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Springtime Events for St. Paul

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It’s hard to think of spring being “sprung” when you still have chilly temperatures outside. But as you’ll soon find out, relocating to St. Paul doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Here are some fun activities and events you can do with your family when your St. Paul movers get you settled into your new home.


Minnesota Twins Baseball Game

April 7th marks the first home game of the season for the Twins, and there’s nothing that can compete with how much fun you can have rooting on your favorite baseball team. Concessions at a Twins game are something you might have missed over the long winter, and now you can enjoy them once again.


Dinosaurs Land of Fire and Ice

The newest exhibit at the Minnesota Children’s Museum features three distinct sections, featuring environments that were native to these ancient creatures. There is a section for warm dinosaur environment called “Land of Fire,” and a cold dinosaur environment called “Land of Ice,” as well as a field station to explore how dinosaurs are researched and found. If the weather is still a bit too chilly for you, this is guaranteed to be a fun time for the entire family.


Bird Watching Trek

If the not so warm springtime weather doesn’t bother you and you want to get outside and explore your new home of St. Paul, check out the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife refuge for a bird watching tour. Even if you’re not an avid bird watcher, this is a great learning opportunity and a relaxing activity.

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Best Family Neighborhoods in Chicago

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Relocating with a family in tow brings a few more challenges than your former childless days. Thinking about what school district is best, how many parks are in the area, and the overall safety of the neighborhood you’re considering are all-important factors for a family moving to Chicago. Chicago is a great city to raise a family in, with many cultural influences and plenty of things to discover. Check out these top family friendly neighborhoods in Chicago and discover somewhere you want to live.


Wicker Park/ Bucktown

This is a great area if you have a young family and you’re interested in raising them in a strong artistic culture. Many artists and musicians live in the area, so you can always find a trendy little coffee shop, or nice vegan restaurant to have brunch with the family on a Sunday morning. There are plenty of public and private schools to send your children to. In addition to it being an affordable place to live, it’s also one of the easiest areas to get into and out of.


Gold Coast

While not the most affordable option in the bunch, Gold Coast certain is a nice place to raise a family. The Gold Coast is located on the north shores of the city and offers some of the best parks, schools, and homes in Chicago. This is an area that if you are fortunate to live in, you will not be disappointed by all the historical charm and deep history of the area.

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Taking the ? Out of Relocating Long Distance

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Moving a long distance might seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a family. But with the help of your New Jersey movers and some preparation, this task can feel like you’re moving across the street. Hire professional movers that know how to get your belongings packed up, moved across the country, and unpacked without a hitch. One of the biggest stressors when making such a transition is the unknown, so research and prepare yourself. Here are some tips to help your research on your new home, New Jersey.


If you are being transplanted to a different part of the country you might feel like it could be a different continent sometimes, especially if you are moving to a different climate. Researching what you will need beforehand to make you adjustment a little easier can help you feel like you are more at home. The climate of New Jersey is much more diverse than some areas of the country. You will need both winter and summer items to make yourself comfortable. If you’re coming from a region in the country with mountains, you might want to sell off your hiking gear, as the New Jersey terrain is rather coastal and flat.


Knowing what kind of house and even neighborhood can help you plan for what you need to do in the present. In New Jersey, there are neighborhoods that are very close to New York City, and you might not need a car to get where you need to go. But if you live in the suburbs you might have to consider buying vehicles (if you didn’t need them before.)


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Adding Trendy Colors to Your Home

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When Pantone choose their color of the year for 2014 as Radiant Orchid, not many people were thinking purples are a great color for interior paint. But as the winter clears up and you’re thinking of putting your house on the market to relocate to Milwaukee, you might find a new inspiration of color palate in florals. Here are some ideas to bring some of the new trendy floral colors to your home.


Add some pops of floral colors in deep orchids, oranges, and aqua in your accent pieces around your home. This could be adding a throw pillow to your neutral couch or even adding a throw with fuchsia or pink undertones. These little pieces of color can add some refreshing spring and summer tones without making the long-term commitment of painting a wall. This is especially important when selling your home in the near future, because you don’t know if someone will appreciate radiant orchid painted on his or her living room walls!


Paint accent walls or even paint some furniture pieces bright flora colors to add a statement to your decor. The best part about doing so is that it is an easy fix if you are not thrilled with the results, and you can take the furniture with you when your Milwaukee movers come to move your things. You could even paint frames with the trending colors that have seen better days and hang them to make a nice picture collage.

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