Moving Your Electronics

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Some items are just easier to move than others. Small coffee tables, ottomans, tables, chairs…some things are simple and low maintenance. Electronics, on the other hand, can be tricky. When it comes to the day of the move, or even professional packing, your Los Angeles movers have got you covered. But if you’re going to get a jump-start on packing up those electronics, here’s a few tips that might save you some grief.

Take a picture or draw a diagram of how everything gets connected. Unless you’ve worked in electronics, hooking up all your components might be a little frustrating. Documenting how you take it all apart will help you get things back together a bit quicker. Even just a quick few pictures on your smartphone will likely do the trick.

Use small bags to keep matching components together. A handful a small plastic bags could save you a lot of organizational time when it comes to unpack. Try and keep cords that go together in the same bag. And bonus points for writing on each bag what the cords are for, or taping the baggies to the electronics they go with.

Keep the original packaging for safer moving. Or if you don’t still have the original packaging, make sure and get some appropriately sized boxes and use lots of bubble wrap. Or to save a little money, you could use soft coats, blankets, and pillows to secure the electronics firmly and ensure they won’t get broken.

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Remembering Your Hometown

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Moving time is a busy, busy season. But as you move from one city to another, you and your family might feel a sense of loss. This is completely normal. Your Minneapolis movers will take good care of you on moving day. So you can take care of yourself, your friends, and family leading up to the move. Don’t forget to be a little sentimental!

Visit all your favorite spots. Over the years, you’ve had favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or places that you shop. Plan for an extra couple hundred dollars in your moving budget, so you can visit these places one last time. You might even buy a few mementos from your old stomping grounds to remember them by.

Be sure to spend time with old friends. Especially if you’re moving very far away, you may not see some of your friends for a long time. So build extra time into your hectic schedule to spend with loved ones, and remind them how much they’ve meant to you over the years. If the budget allows, it may even be nice to buy little presents for those you’ve been especially close with.

Take pictures…lots of pictures. Memory doesn’t always serve us correctly, but an image has a way of jogging our memory and giving us warm feelings of nostalgia. Take photos of you with your friends and family in your old home and around the city. This will help you capture this time in your life, and help you move on while still maintaining the memories.

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Tips for Making Your Tiny Bathroom Feel a Little Bigger

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Anyone who’s ever lived with a tiny bathroom knows that it can start to feel like you’re in a sitcom, but the Bay Area is notorious for small rooms and small bathrooms. But even if your new home has a less-than large bathroom space, there are ways to make it feel bigger. To keep your bathroom space from feeling so claustrophobic, check out these tips.

Use space efficiently. This is probably sounds like a given. But have you really maximized all the space in your bathroom? For instance, if you need some extra shelf space, consider the wall above the door or toilet. Or if you need some more place to stick things like toothbrushes and toiletries, try using the inside of cabinet doors and use hanging containers. There are a lot of solutions when you start thinking outside the box, and they don’t necessarily have to clutter up the vibe of your bathroom.

Rack and hooks! It’s amazing what a few of these little guys will do. Adding a few classy hooks and racks in your bathroom can not only give you way more storage space, but it also looks more neat and organized.

Use a shower head rack. There are all sorts of variation or shower racks, and some work better than others. Find one that fits your style and function, or you could even find ways to rig up your own. This will keep your soaps and shampoos off the tub and all confined to one neat space.

Two words: big mirrors. Most small bathroom come paired with an equally small mirror. We all know that a decent sized mirror can make smaller rooms feel bigger, so why not try it in the bathroom?

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Moving Hacks That Will Save You Precious Packing Time

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Moving can be a stressful process. Let’s face it, we’ll take anything we can get in terms of helpful hints about moving efficiently. Let your Phoenix movers do the heavy lifting, but use these moving hacks to help cut down on the stress and keep your moving day a smooth one.

Mark the boxes…with all the info. Most people just write “books” or “toys” on each box. But try packing and labeling each box with exactly where you think it should go in your new home. For instance, “books on shelf in girls’ room” will go a long way in helping both you and your movers know where to take the boxes. Remember that you’ll likely be exhausted on moving day, so any early effort that can save you some sanity is worth it.

Tape those drawers. For smaller furniture, tape the drawers shut so they won’t fall out while moving. For anything bigger and heavier, remove the drawers and use Saran wrap or Press ‘n’ Seal to keep your stuff in place while it jostles around in the moving truck.

Bag the clothes! Moving clothes on hangers is always super awkward. Save yourself some time by taking a large trash bag and scooping up 10-12 items at a time. Get the kind of trash bags with a drawstring and get an extra 10 bonus points! This will not only make moving the hanger clothes a lot easier, but it’ll keep them clean while moving, too!

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Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your New Home

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So you found the house that fits your needs perfectly, and your New York City movers got you all unpacked and settled in. But now you’re seeing all your furniture and how it does or doesn’t fit, and it’s time for some redecoration! There are all sorts of things you can do to make a house feel like a home. Start with this short list and re-decorate with style and thriftiness.

Figure out your “style.” Talk it over with your spouse or roommates, look at websites like Pinterest, and figure out what sort of style you like. One of the most important elements of good design is consistency. You want your home to have a similar feel from room to room. Knowing what sort of style you’re going for narrows down the choices and will help you make decorating decisions more easily.

Take it one room at a time. Thinking about redecorating your entire house will be too overwhelming. Instead, try to knock out one at room at a time. After all, you don’t have to make-over the whole house in one week. So take your time and really search out what you’re after. Plan out the color schemes and be patient.

Go DIY. Between secondhand shops and Youtube, you can transform the cosmetics of your home all by yourself. Again, doing it yourself might take a little patience. Searching the thrift shops is more time consuming than a trip to Ikea. But you could save thousands in the long-run. And if you’re doing things like stripping wallpaper or re-painting, you can always entice some friends with some free dinner!

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Packing Tips

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Packing up all your stuff in boxes can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you’re lost in a sea of brown cardboard boxes. But packing your things doesn’t have to cause too much anxiety. Take a few packing tips from us. We ought to know…we do it for a living!

Make sure you have all the supplies you need. Nobody likes to get a bunch of boxes packed up only to realize you only have a few pieces of tape left. Be prepared and your packing process will go much quicker.

Pack rooms or closets together. It might go without saying, but packing each box by room (or by closet) will really help you in both the moving and the unpacking process. Instead of packing all the like items in your house together, pack things based on where you want to unload them in your new place.

Stay Organized. Even if you’re in a hurry to get things packed up, you’ll thank yourself later if you take a little extra time to label and organize. For instance, if you take a piece of furniture apart and have a set of screws that matches the table, put the screws in a baggie and label them. That way, you’re not pulling your hair out trying to find the screws when you go to put your furniture back together in your new home. Little bits of organization like this will go a long way in getting you settled back into “normal” when unpacking.

Hire the pros to do it for you! Packing up your belongings takes hours and hours. If all this seems like way more work than you’re interested in, just call your St. Paul movers and we’ll take care of everything for you. From the packing to the heavy lifting, we can do it all!

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“Cool” Activities in Miami

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When moving to Miami, there’s a good reason they call their basketball team the “Heat.” Anyone who’s been to Miami in the summer months knows how hot it can get. And sure, the beaches are incredible, but it’s also nice to have some indoor options. Cool off in Miami by checking out these indoor ideas.

The Undercover Unit

Let’s face it, the entire world has gone bananas for zombies at the moment. Actually, the entire world has gone bananas for killing zombies, and that’s exactly what you and some friends can do at Undercover Unit’s awesome “real life” zombie adventure. Gamers really get into the storyline as they’re led through a treacherous zombie land. Pretend like you’re Rick Grimes from “The Walking Dead” and blow away some zombies for a great time out of the heat!

Hitter’s Hangout

Whether you’re a sports nut or just someone who needs to hit something every now and then, check out Hitter’s Hangout. the fully air-conditioned indoor batting cage facility will help you sharpen up your game without breaking too much of a sweat. Hitter Hangout even has trainers to work with you to improve your baseball skills.

X-Treme Rock Climbing

If you’re wanting to escape the Miami sun but still get a decent workout, check out X-Treme Rock Climbing’s expansive indoor bouldering. You won’t get bored here – there’s over 14,000 square feet of wall to climb! You might wake up with some sore pecs the next day though. Rock climbing is a serious upper-body workout.

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Having a Blast in Orlando

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Orlando is known to have some “magic” surrounding it. Maybe it comes from their basketball team, or perhaps it comes from the “happiest place on earth”? If you’ve recently made a move to the Orlando area, you might be wondering where to celebrate your Independence Day with a little touch of that magic. Grab your pen and calendar, and check out these events to have a blast (pun intended!) with your family this Fourth of July.

Disney’s Celebrate America!- A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky | July 3 and 4, 2014

Anyone who’s been to Disney World and experienced their nightly “Electrical Parade” can imagine that the holiday version is even more fantastical. Mixing patriotic pride with that signature Disney sense of wonder, the “Concert in the Sky” will having you singing, dancing, and feeling like a kid again. The music and show unfold on Main Street and culminate at Cinderella’s castle, so just be sure to grab a good spot early on in the evening!

Red Hot & Boom | July 3, 2014

For something a little lighter on the budget, take your family to the “Red Hot Boom” at Cranes Roost Park. Enjoy the natural beauty of the park along with some of the special July 4th celebrations. Keep your family entertained all day long – the live entertainment starts at 4pm and runs until 11pm. Cap off the evening by enjoying the amazing musical fireworks broadcast from XL 106.7 FM.

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How to Collect Great Furniture on a Budget

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Whenever you move into a new home, there’s inevitably some furniture shuffling that has to happen. As everything shakes out, you’ll likely find that some rooms are relatively full, while others still need some work. The bad news is, some of your rooms look pretty bare. The great news is, you get to redecorate and shop for some new furniture. After your New Jersey movers get you all settled, use these tips to fill out your new home on a budget.

Make notes about how you want to decorate each room. Use tools like Pinterest, or do it old-fashioned style and cut pictures out of magazines. Get an idea for what you’re going for in each room, and then you’ll know how to shop. For instance, knowing your color schemes for each room instantly focuses you and eliminates tons of overwhelming options. Plan out your vision, then execute!

Pick your main pieces. You may not be able to drop a grand on every piece of furniture in your room. But you can pick the pieces that will get used the most, and invest in those. If you frequent thrift stores and used furniture stores, you can fill up quite a bit of room with used furniture. And that will help you save a few bucks for those pieces you really want from Ikea.

Be Patient. You don’t have to fill every room in your house right away. Take it one room at a time, hit up the secondhand shops often, and feel free to take your time. Even if you feel goofy for having folding chairs in your sitting room for awhile, in the end you’ll be glad you waited to find what you really want.

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Beating the Summertime Blues

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A famous song says “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” but we beg to differ! Once your Atlanta movers get you all unpacked, it’s time to enjoy life in your new home. The summer heat and humidity may be draining your energy, but here’s a few fun ideas to jazz up your summer.

Throw a Block Party. You know those neighbors who live right across the street but you don’t even know their names? Throwing a block party is a perfect, non-awkward way to introduce yourself and get to know them a bit. Block parties can be great fun, but studies have also shown that neighbor connectedness decreases crime and improves property values. So throw some meat on the grill, pack some drinks in the cooler, and get to block-partying!

Join a Co-ed Sports Team. Even though most leagues are filled up by the summer, there’s always a chance you can squeeze in on a friend’s team. Even if you aren’t competitive or coordinated, joining a sports league can be a great way to meet new people.

Spend Time Outside When It Cools Down…At Night! Sure, the summer months can be brutal in the daytime hours when the sun’s beating down on you. But you might be surprised how nice it gets at night time. Shift some of your normal daytime activities, like taking walks or reading outside, to the post-sunset hours. Invest in a hammock for a couple hundred bucks, and you might never go back inside. And don’t forget: even if it’s just in your backyard, summer evenings can make for a really romantic date!

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