Artsy Events in Los Angeles

Beltmann- Artsy BlogIf you’re new to the Los Angeles area, you’re likely scoping things out a bit. And whether you’re taking a date out or the whole family, you may be looking for something a bit creative. Let us be like the friend who tells you about all the best local places to go. Try these artsy events for January in L.A.

Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change photography exhibit

This unique photography exhibit at the Annenberg Space takes a fascinating look at how architecture has responded to rising sea levels throughout the globe.

Shen Yun LA

This New York-based classical Chinese dance crew has been making waves across the U.S. with their beautiful stage shows, highlighting ancient Chinese history.

LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show

There’s about a thousand reasons that an event called “Cookie Con” is awesome. Most of those reasons have chocolate chips in them. Even if you’re not a chocolate chip fan (but really, who isn’t?), the La Cookie Con and Sweets Show will leave you satisfied. Actually, it may leave you with a stomach ache, but it will be totally worth it!

Nerdist Podcast 5th Anniversary Hostful

This now-famous podcast celebrates five years with the three hosts at the NerdMelt Showroom. Come hang with the hosts for what’s sure to be an event to remember.

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Top Ten Places to Buy a Vacation Home in 2015

Beltmann BlogRight around now, a lot of us are thinking about warmer weather. With the winter temperatures in full effect and the utility bills piling up, a vacation home in a sunnier climate sounds kind of nice, right? If you’re considering making the purchase of a second home, here are some excellent locations.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This international hot spot is one of the largest countries in the entire world, and boasts several global attractions including the massive “Christ the Redeemer” statue.

Orlando & Kissimmee, FL. The Disney attractions alone make this vacation destination at the top of many peoples’ lists. Which means it’s a nice rental option for the months you’re not there. And it’s a great spot to have family visit you when you are there.

Dominican Republic. With it’s Carribean beauty and relatively low prices (considering how close properties are to the ocean), places in the Dominican Republic are worth the investment. You can rent for the part of the year you’re away, and enjoy the ocean while you’re on vacation.

Spain. With real estate prices at a 20-year low and the dollar doing well on exchange rates, this is an excellent time to be looking to buy in Spain.

Paris, France. While it may not be one of the cheapest places to search for a vacation home, Paris is known for a perpetually thriving culture. Yet another place that’s great to invite friends and family to. And you’ll never be out of a renter.

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Making an International Move to the United States

Moving to US- Beltmann BlogIf you don’t live in the United States, you’re likely familiar with its draw. Many people living outside of the U.S. want to experience it at least once in their lifetime. Thinking about making a move to the ‘States? A recent survey showed some surprising, and some not-so-surprising, results for popular international moving favorites.

New York

Not surprisingly, The Big Apple is seen as a cultural mecca across the world. International clientele flock to NYC for it’s iconic popularity and for the opportunity it represents.

Los Angeles

L.A. brings in plenty of out-of-country folks, largely due to it’s glamorous reputation. It’s pervasive reach in the television and film industry give it recognition beyond that of most American cities.


Because the city of Detroit has seen brighter days, it may come as a surprise to some that it’s an international hotspot. But especially for those moving down from Canada, Detroit remains somewhat close to home, while still offering the experience of an American metropolis.


Being one of the more multi-cultural cities in the nation, Miami has a strong draw, particularly among the Latino, Cuban, and South American crowds. In fact, a recent census showed that Miami is unlike most metro areas, in that 58% of its residents are foreign-born.

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Florida’s Most and Least Stressed Out Zip Codes

Florida- Beltmann BlogIf you’ve recently made the move to the Sunshine State, or are planning a move in the near future, you know that some places in Florida are pretty mellow, and other places are pretty high-stress.

The popular real estate blog Movoto recently did an interesting study. They looked at several factors in various cities and zip codes to discern which zip codes were the “most stressed” and “least stressed” places. They used a list of factors including “unemployment rates, median household income, percent of income spent on rent, monthly selected homeowner costs as a percent of income, percent of families below the poverty line, average commute time, percent of the population without health insurance and hours worked per week.”

Here’s what Movoto found out about Florida.

Most Stressed Zip Codes

Despite being the young & beautiful hot spot of Florida, Miami has the most zip codes that are “stressed,” including 33136, 33150, and 33127. 32113 in Citra ended up being considered the most stressed, followed closely by spots in Pahokee and Gretna.

Least Stressed Zip Codes

Some of these were actually a surprise to a lot of people. Is anywhere in Orlando really low stress? Well, it is if you consider the parameters of the survey, which include unemployment rates, it sure it. And because 32831 has literally zero unemployment, it ends up being a pretty stress-free zip code. 32312 in Tallahassee and parts of McIntosh (32664) are also in this category. And not surprisingly, 34228 in Longboat Key is also pretty low-stress. But really, how stressed can you be when you live on a beautiful Floridian island?!?

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Best Home Technology Ideas for Your House in 2015

Thermostat Beltmann BlogAre you looking to make a move or do some major home renovations in 2015? With scads of new smart home technology out there, there’s a seemingly endless amount of products that can make your home life a little bit more futuristic. Here’s a few items you might want to consider in terms of newer home technology.

Programmable thermostats. There’s no sense in keeping your house at a nice and cozy temperature while you and your family are gone all day, right? Programmable thermostats can save you plenty of money by keeping the temps cooler (or warmer) when you’re away or at night under your sheets.

Wireless speakers. Getting sound around your home has never been cheaper. Speakers like the Bose SoundLink Mini can achieve impressive sounds considering how small it is, and the fact that it’s portable. Portable speakers that can travel wherever you go are one of those products that, once you have one, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Smart security systems. Security systems are getting better all the time, and there’s no better time to invest in one. Options like SimpliSafe give you adaptable, solid security for a surprisingly low fee.

These products can make your home a little smarter and life a little easier. Let us do the same for your relocation. If you’re still waiting to move into your new home, don’t forget to give us a buzz. Call our San Francisco movers for your free moving quote today at 888-251-0892.

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Creative Ways to Sell Your Home

Beltman BlogA recent survey by the National Association of Realtors showed that the housing market is following its yearly trend: fewer houses are on the market in the winter time, and sales are slowing significantly. While there may be fewer buyers in the market for a new home this season, that doesn’t mean you can’t still sell your home for a good price. Consider getting creative when thinking about ways to sell your home.

Make your own website. Build-your-own website options are all over the place these days. Sites like WordPress and Squarespace make it easy to create a slick, professional website even if you don’t have any previous experience. Sure, it’ll cost you a few extra man hours, but the payoff could be well worth it when people can have a dazzling e-tour of your home.

Post your property on Craigslist. Granted, you have to screen your showings a little more carefully, but Craigslist gets over 50 billion page views on their website every month. Those are some stats you just can’t ignore. Who cares where your buyer ends up seeing the home, after all? Being willing to be a little creative and liberal with where you post your home for sale online will only increase potential buyers.

Get creative with your “For Sale By Owner” marketing. If you’re trying to sell the house yourself, go beyond the typical FSBO marketing. That generic red sign in the yard just doesn’t cut it these days. Invest in a nice, eye-catching (but classy) sign, and be sure to put out some well-designed one-sheets with all the house’s important info. You can also add some spice to your open houses. Put on some nice music like jazz or classical, light a popular scented candle, and make even bake some cookies. Just be sure not to burn them!

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Best Ways to Beat the Winter Blues After Your Mover to St. Paul

Beltmann Move St PaulThe post-holiday season is a notoriously depressing time of year. Christmas has come and gone and failed to live up to its impossibly massive American hype. And if you’ve recently relocated and let our professional St. Paul movers get you settled in, things may be even crazier.

Hopefully you got some presents you liked and had some great time with loved ones. But even so, you may find yourself feeling a bit blue this January. And if so, here’s a few ways to bust the blues in St. Paul.

Sesame Street Live “Let’s Dance” – January 16th at the State Theatre

What’s better to cheer you up than dancing with your family? Join Big Bird and friends as they entertain your little ones at the State Theatre. Your kids will get to see their favorite characters from the ‘Street up close and personal, and you’ll get to watch the look of glee on their faces.

Fleetwood Mac Live at the Xcel Energy Center – January 16th

If you’re looking for something a little more grown up on the 16th, Fleetwood Mac is set to rock the Xcel Energy Center. Whether you loved them when you were younger and want to get a little nostalgic or you’re just now getting into them, Fleetwood Mac are timeless rock legends, and their live show will leave you satisfied from dozens of hits.

Minnesota Timberwolves

If you’re a sports fan, then we don’t have to tell you that you can catch the Timberwolves play throughout January. But even if you’re not typically a sports nut, it can be fun to catch a game. Just buy a couple cheap tickets, get some concessions and a big pointer finger, and cheer on the ‘Wolves as loudly as you can.

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Beltmann Relocation Group Continues Holiday Giving Efforts This Season

unitedwayBeltmann Relocation Group, the largest agent of North American Van Lines, has given $5,000 in cash donations each to the United Way of Northern New Jersey and to Cleveland, Ohio based Blessing House. The United Way of Northern New Jersey helps improve people’s lives and strengthen communities across the region by ensuring all citizens have access to the basic building blocks of a good life — Education, income and Health. Blessing House serves as a safe home for more than 200 children a year of families in crisis because of homelessness, unsafe living conditions, hospitalization or incarceration of the parent or caregiver, or due to risk of abuse or lack of care. The donations will be used to support their various programs throughout 2015.

blessings“For the past few years, Beltmann Relocation Group has seen how redirecting funds we would normally spend on client gifts directly to community organizations can make an incredible difference in so many people’s lives,” said Beltmann Relocation Group’s President Marc Van Kley. “We are blessed to be a company with the means to support such great organizations where we serve each year.”

Where Are Baby Boomers Moving?

Beltmann BlogA recent study by the National Association of Realtors looked at the top metro areas for Baby Boomer relocation. The metropolitan areas that are currently seeing the largest increases in Baby Boomer population are places with low cost of living and sunnier weather, which may come as a surprise to no one.

While some Boomers may be getting to retirement age, many of them are still working and plan to for quite a while. The study revealed that the percentage of Boomers working after the age of 65 has gone up in recent years. Here’s a few cities that are seeing some Boomer love.

Boise, Idaho. With a cost of living index at 97.2 and a median home price at just over $177k, Boise is attracting its fair share of budget-conscious Boomers. And while it may not be the warmest of all metropolitan options- the low temperature average in the winters sometimes lingers around 0 degrees- Boise sees four beautiful seasons and is surrounded by national forests.

Fort Myers, FL. It’s no surprise that Florida is a prime destination for retirees. Plenty of jokes have been made about it on television shows like “Seinfeld,” but the truth is that Florida is pretty mild year-round. And who doesn’t like that? The cost of living and median home price are similarly low to Boise, and Fort Myers has an international airport. What’s there not to like?

Denver, CO. Denver isn’t the cheapest place to live, but it’s still been seeing a rise in Boomer migration. Because it is somewhat of a crossroads for many of the mountain and western states, Denver’s economy is strong with plenty of job opportunity.

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Proudly Announcing the Smartbox Option in Minneapolis

27flash_speed_testHave you ever been in a situation where you had to borrow a friend’s vehicle or rent a moving truck just to move your belongings into storage? There’s no doubt about it, it’s a waste of time and energy. Especially when you have to do the same thing all over again once you’ve found a new place. What if you never had to do that again?

Beltmann Minneapolis has recently acquired Smartbox, and incredibly efficient and inexpensive way to store and move your belongings. Save yourself some time, energy, and money with the Smartbox option. Here’s how the process works.

Give us a call at (651) 317-3384. We’ll get your storage container(s) delivered, and you can start filling them up. Of course, we can help you with that part as well. Just give us a buzz for a free quote.

We’ll pick the storage unit. Your possessions are in good hands when we move the container to one of our climate-controlled storage locations. Your possessions will be safe and protected from hazardous weather conditions they might experience in a garage or other warehouse.

Let us know when you’re ready to move. We can not only help with the moving process and help you with an effective relocation strategy, but we’ll bring your storage containers to your new location, safe and sound. The extra stored possessions will have been “out of sight, out of mind” the whole time, and hopefully we’ll have saved you a whole lot of stress in the process!