Summer is just around the corner, which is when a majority of the U.S. will move. Knowing that, we thought we would kick-off a series called “Beltmann Basics” that will take you some basic things you will need to do in order to prepare for your move ahead.

Let’s start with 2 months out –here are some things you should be thinking about.

  • Decide if you want to hire a mover
  • Get a copy of the floor plan of your new home
  • Decide what you will move vs. what you would like to sell
  • Research moving companies
  • Select 3-4 and get an in-home estimate (moving quote)
  • Compare each quote apples-to-apples
  • Research to ensure each are a ProMover
  • Make a moving budget
  • Discuss moving timeline with your family
  • Start connecting with people in your new city/neighborhood

Here are some websites that might help you with the above tasks:

If you ever having any questions about the moving process, we are always available to help you. You can call us at 888-251-0892, we’re more than just a Chicago-based moving company – we have locations all across the U.S. and networks across the world. We are looking forward to helping you make your next move and easy one!

How to Keep Stress Levels Low on Moving Day

Beltmann StressThe idea of eliminating “stress” during a big move is a little impossible. But there are things you can do to keep things in order and keep those blood pressure levels down. The first step is always to let our Bay area moving pros handle the heavy lifting for you. We can take care of everything from packing to unpacking. But here’s a few more steps that you can control to help moving day flow a little more smoothly.

  1. Have a plan in place. You’ve heard that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Well it’s true, and never more evident than moving time. Starting way ahead of schedule will give you a sense of ease. Plan out how long you think it might take to get everything ready for our movers, and then double it. Start that early and stay on top of your schedule, and enlist the help of friends along the way. The more work you can get done ahead of time, the smoother moving day will be.
  2. Plan out your meals and snacks. Nobody wants to stop what they’re doing in the middle of moving day to try and figure out what to eat for lunch. Plan to have either catered meals delivered from a pizza or sub shop, or use it as another opportunity to enlist the help of friends. Having a basket full of fruit, granola bars, and other snacks will help you not have to take an unnecessary time-out to find food.
  3. Take a break. Even when you use our competent and capable help, the stress of moving day can get to you. So many logistics and seemingly so little time. Take plenty of breaks, even for a just a few minutes. And remember to keep it light. Jokes and courtesy go a long way in keeping you feel energized, and everyone else around you.

Still working on the moving logistics? Give us a call for a free estimate at 866-542-5751.

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Kitchen Renovations That Will Pay Off

Beltmann KitchenLooking to get a nice price out of the sale of your home? Your realtor might suggest a few upgrades in order to squeeze out a better asking price. If so, here’s a few ways you can make that kitchen – which are famous for helping sells homes – sparkle just a little bit more.

Opening up the space. Many buyers are looking for a home with an open floor plan. Folks who entertain a lot will want to see that open concept, especially between the kitchen and the main living space(s). Opening up a wall or two, if possible, can go a long way. Or even a cabinet, if it’s blocking the open view to the living space, can be removed to make a big difference.

Faucets and countertops. Obviously, when doing upgrades you’ll want to keep costs low so you get more in the payoff. But consider the comparable homes that buyers are going to be looking at when shopping for homes. Do the comps have granite countertops, or no? It’s probably best to be right in line with your competition. That way your house shows well, but you’re not over-doing it on renovation expenses.

Appliances. It sure is hard to buy brand new appliances and then leave them when you sell your home. But again, consider your competition. If competing, similar homes have new appliances, you’re going to want to as well. And even if you decide you don’t want to leave appliances (which you’ll have to tell potential buyers), nice new appliances sure make a kitchen show a lot better. Dingy old stoves and refrigerators give off bad vibes.

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Furniture 101 – Couches, Loveseats, etc!

Beltmann CouchIf you’ve just recently made a big move, you’re likely looking for a few furniture pieces for the new home. Here’s a few tips to get you started thinking about the perfect couch or loveseat.

Be sure to measure your room and find pieces the right size. How big is the room to start with? And exactly how much of a focal point do you want the piece of furniture to be? Also, think about the other pieces of furniture you’d like to have in the room. Will there be a coffee or end table? Other chairs, bookshelves, or floor lamps? Knowing the layout of your room before you go hunting for a new couch is key. That will help narrow your options, and decrease the chances that you dislike it when you get it all set up at home.

Color is key, but don’t forget to keep it flexible. A couch or a loveseat is going to make a huge splash in your room in terms of color. So, choose wisely! If price isn’t an issue, you might get risky and choose a bold accent color. But remember, you’ll more than likely want to use this piece in a different room some day. So keeping it to more neutral colors is more practical.

Consider the upholstery. If you’ve got younger children or pets around, then fabric or suede furniture is going to be a bad idea. Leather, on the other hand, is sturdy and comparatively resistant to stains. But you’ve got other things to consider. Most folks would say that a leather sofa isn’t nearly as relaxing, compared to a fabric sofa.

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Packing Your Breakables

BBAny box marked “fragile” during your move will likely make your anxiety spike just a little more than usual. Who knows what’s inside (and whether it’s still intact?) Hopefully you already know to call in the Chicago moving pros for backup when it comes time to pack the breakables. But if you’re going to try and tackle a few boxes yourself, here’s a few thoughts to ensure safe travel.

  1. Fine china, glassware, and other easily breakable items should be individually wrapped in paper, bubble wrap, or href="" target="_blank">linen cloth. This can take much longer than you expect, so give yourself plenty of time to ensure that your items are well protected. Once each item is wrapped individually, you can place them in your box and fill any open space with crumpled up newspaper, bubble wrap, or anything that can absorb energy if the box is shaken. Keep in mind to place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes so your smaller items won’t get damaged.
  2. Take anything you feel nervous about in the car with you. Better be safe than sorry, right? Taking super breakable items – especially sentimental ones- in your car will relieve some moving stress. If you do take a fragile item in the car with you, just make sure it’s packed appropriately to avoid accidents.
  3.  Let the professionals take care of you! We can fix you right up at Beltmann. We’ll make sure your fragile items are packed and moved without a hitch. We know how to pack anything, and can make sure your items are moved smoothly and in one piece. At the end of the day, “better safe than sorry” really is the best policy for your breakables and keepsakes. Give us a call for a free quote today at 888-251-0892.
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Creating a Great Outdoor Space for Every Season

Beltmann BlogMaybe you’ve just moved into a new home and are looking to add some quality outdoor space. Or maybe you’re getting ready to move, but your realtor suggestion the upgrade of a deck or patio to squeeze out a better offer. Either way, here’s a few ideas in terms of creating an unforgettable outdoor space that can be enjoyed in every season.

Screened-in porch, the three-season option. If you’re looking to save a little money but still build something you can use for most of the year, a screened-in porch is an excellent way to go. Other than really extreme winter days, the screened in porch can be utilized the majority of the time. Even when it’s a bit chillier,  space heater will go a long way. And if you add a decent ceiling fan, the summer months can stay relatively cool.

Outdoor fireplaces. In warmer places like Florida, an outdoor fireplace is a great addition for year-round entertaining in the backyard. A little brick-laying and some classy outdoor furniture can make for a beautiful outdoor living room. And even if you don’t go as far as installing a real fireplace, there are plenty of options for more portable outdoor heating solutions.

Spas and hot tubs. Even if you’re not planning on hosting a dinner party in the backyard year-round, a hot tub or spa area is pretty cool. Having an amenity like this is a great reason to have friends over, especially in the cold months, and an impressive feature when showing a home.

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Cleaning Up Your New Home

Beltmann- Cleaning BlogThe anxious part in all of us always wonders, “What exactly went on in my new home, before I moved in? Is it really clean?” It’s probably better to be safe than sorry, so giving the house a good scrubbing isn’t a bad idea. Here’s a few places to start.

De-odorizing the smells.

No doubt one of tha hardest things about moving to a new home (that was inhabited by a family before you) is that it doesn’t have your “smell.” Granted, the old family’s smell may not be a bad one, but it’s still not your family’s smell, right? The good news is that there are things you can do to help. For one, cleaning and painting the walls is a massive help. That alone will knock out most of the old smell. Beyond that, giving it a little time is best. wait a few months and see if the “old” smell doesn’t go away.

Kitchen and cabinets.

The place where you keep all your food in dishware is important. No matter what the cleanliness level of the home’s previous owners, you’re probably going to want to do a deep clean in the kitchen. Putting down liners in the cabinets is a great, easy place to start. And for the refrigerator, try removing any drawers and soaking them or running them through the dishwasher. If you’re wary of dust bunnies, you may also want to unplug the fridge and get rid of the dust behind and underneath.


If you’ve got carpet in the new home, you’re probably going to want them cleaned by a pro. And if the previous family had that done before moving out, then maybe all it needs is a solid vacuuming. If you’ve got wood floors, there are plenty of good options. Check out the cleaners at your local hardware store.

Still prepping for your big move? Let the Kansas City moving professionals help you get settled in. Give us a call today for your free quote at 888-251-0892.

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How to Make a Quick Move Successful

Beltman- Fast MovingThere are times when you have to relocate more quickly than is convenient. Maybe it’s a work timing thing, or maybe you got an offer on your home much more quickly than expected. Whatever the case, making a move quickly isn’t relaxing or easy. But here’s a few pointers to help you take a few deep breaths.

Don’t get crippled by indecision. Having to make a move quickly for any reason can be stressful. Indecision only makes that way worse. So don’t let the fear of making decisions stop you in your tracks. Keep yourself surrounded with close trusted friends who can help you make good, informed decisions.

Make sure to stay organized. Granted, this is easier said than done. But “one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Staying organized means that things will go more smoothly as you move along. It also means you can enlist the help of more people, because you’ve got your stuff together.

Call in the pros! Seriously. Sure, we’re a little biased, by trust us that we can make your lives a whole lot easier. Think about it. It’s like having friends – friends good enough to help you move! – that are professional organizers and strong enough to lug your heavy stuff around all day. We can make this simple. And if you don’t have much time on your hands, simple is what you need. Give our San Francisco movers a buzz at 888-251-0892 and we’ll get you set up quick and easy.

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Best Date Spots in Newark, NJ

Beltmann- Date NightValentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and it’s time to start making some plans if you haven’t already. If you’re newer to the Newark area or just need some fresh ideas, here’s a few of the local favorites to impress your date on February 14th.

Brasilia Grill

Let’s face it, Brazilian grills are just sort of hot right now. If you’re sweetie isn’t a vegetarian, they’ll love the multi-course, multi-meat options at Brasilia Grill. The ambience is colorful and lively, great if you’re needing a unique first date or memorable date experience.

Don Pepe Restaurant

Don Pepe is awfully classy, but won’t completely obliterate your wallet. If you’re looking for something a bit more classic fine dining, Don Pepe’s just off Newark St. is a great choice. They’re menu hits home runs with Spanish and Portuguese selections. The foodie within you (and your date) will remember the evening forever…or at least the food from the evening!

The 27 Mix

If you’re looking for something a little more hip and modern, check out The 27 Mix. Between the great outdoor space and frequent live music, this place stays hopping. Their cocktail bar is a great place to schmooze, but their blend of Southwestern, Asian, and Italian food doesn’t disappoint either.

If you’re about to make a move to the Newark area, don’t forget to get a free moving quote! Our New Jersey moving specialists will set you up in no time. Just give us a ring at 888-251-0892.

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How to Enhance Your Home With Home Theater and Audio

Beltman-HomeTheaterMoving into a new home is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. And if you’re an audiophile or a fan of film or television, it can be even more fun. Wiring (or going wireless) your home for maximum audio and video doesn’t have to be a pain, either. Consider these modern options.

Bluetooth technology. For the moment, Bluetooth is king among wireless speaker options. Using Bluetooth, you can find surprisingly inexpensive wireless options that allow your sound to travel with you around the home. Many devices, like Bose’s Soundlink, can even run on lithium ion batteries, giving you hours of sound anywhere you want it.

Apple also offers a similar technology called Airplay. If you’re an Apple user, be sure to do your homework. Like Bluetooth, Airplay makes device-interplay convenient and seamless between Apple devices.

Alarm clock phone chargers. Many companies like Sony make legitimate phone-docking stations that also function as an alarm clock. These make for some great music vibes before falling asleep. Plus, they can charge your phone while you sleep overnight. It’s a win/win!

Wire the home theater system. While several companies make wireless home theater speaker options, you just can’t beat the hard-wired option. If you’re setting up a home theater and you’re planning to stay for awhile, spend the extra time (or money) and run real speaker wires. You can tuck them beneath carpet or run them along trim pieces in order to clean up the aesthetics. Or worse case scenario, you can hire someone to run your wires through the wall. Either way, you’ll escape the pain of having to deal with rechargeable batteries for your home theater speakers.

if you’re still planning on making the big move soon, let our Palm Beach movers give you a helping hand. Call us at 888-251-0892 for your free quote.

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