Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Beltmann BlogNow that your New York City movers have got you all unloaded, you may be ready to start making the house feel like your own. Throwing a little paint on the walls is an easy and inexpensive way to give your new house a whole new vibe. But if you’ve never done much painting or decorating, you may want to learn a thing or two before diving in. Consult with your local paint store, watch a few videos, and consider these three questions when choosing paint colors for each room.

1. What’s the feel of the room? Knowing how you want each room to “feel” is a great place to start. If you’re going for a calm and soothing vibe, pick some softer colors and neutrals. If you’re wanting something a bit more spunky and energetic, there’s a wide variety of bright colors to choose from. Think through what the overall vibe of each room is before sorting through what colors you’ll pick.

2. How does it match your furniture? Do you already have a house full of furniture that you don’t want to replace? It may be worth getting all your furniture in each room to see what colors might compliment well. It’s also worth noting that a lot of furniture can be refinished, stained, or painted to match your new colors.

3. What kind of light is in the room? Natural lighting will show the true colors of your paint, while certain light bulbs will shade it differently. Most paint stores have the options to see what paint looks like under a variety of lighting. Try that out at the store, and then grab some samples to test out at home.

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Setting Realistic Expectations for Your House Renovations

BELTMANBLOGHOGWhen searching for a new home in Miami, it’s easy to get ambitious with renovation ideas. But it may be worth counting the cost before you sign on the dotted line. Before you call your Miami movers, consider these issues when looking into a home that needs some TLC.

Time. We almost always underestimate the amount of time a repair job will take. If you’re considering a home that’s in need of some work, try and get professional opinions on how long the repairs will take before signing the purchase agreement. Then, add in 20% more time for good measure, and you might have a decent estimate of your timeline.

Money. Can you manage the cash flow for the renovations you want to do? Moving is expensive and involves costs we don’t think of. Look at your bank account and decide whether you really have the funds to buy that fixer-upper. One helpful tip: you can always ask for the sellers to pay for anything that comes up in the inspection. So when in doubt, ask for as much as you can without scaring the buyers off. And if you’re purchasing a home that’s in need of some serious repairs, it’s also worth looking into the FHA Repair Escrow rules, to see what can possibly be rolled into your monthly payments.

Mess. Some of us can live with a certain amount of mess in our homes, while others it drives bonkers. Think through how much of a neat-freak you are, and how much chaos you can stand to live in while the renovations are happening.

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Looking for Work in Your New Hometown

Beltmann BLOGSome people move to a new city because of a work-related transition. But others move because of a spouse’s job, family, or another life change.  That means once your Milwaukee movers get your boxes all unloaded, it’s time to hit the streets looking for work. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s a few bits of advice that will make for a successful job hunt.

Update your resume. This may be a no-brainer, but plenty of people use outdated information on their resumes. Even if your info hasn’t changed much from one year to the next, be sure to comb through your resume for potential errors or changes. An inaccurate resume makes you look unprofessional and sloppy.

Scatter the seed. You never know where you’re going to find a great company to work for. Maybe the “dream job” isn’t really always what it’s cracked up to be. At the end of the day, there’s no harm in applying for as many jobs as possible. You can always turn down an offer if it doesn’t seem like the right opportunity.

Apply for jobs in the order that you want them. Applying for jobs – and getting offers – can be a tricky thing to manage. What happens if the company you aren’t so crazy about offers you a job, but you’re still waiting to hear back about that position you really want? If you have the time to spare, consider spacing out your application process. Rate your potential jobs by “A,” “B,” & “C,” and apply for all your “A” jobs in the first week. Apply for the “B” jobs the next week, and so forth. This will give you a little time to line up interviews, hopefully in the order you’d prefer.

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How to Help Maintain Structure During Your Move

Beltmann Blog 2It’s easy to feel like you’re coming off the rails during a big move. But people  tend to thrive on structure, especially families with younger children. Our Orange County movers will take care of all the important details on moving day, but here’s a few ways to help your family maintain structure the weeks before and after the move.

Make an “eating out” budget. Once you’ve got all those dishes packed away, you’re probably going to need to grab some grub elsewhere. In fact, it may be worth packing the kitchen up early, as it usually takes longer than expected. Give yourself a generous budget for food during the move, and it will relieve some stress.

Try and get to bed on time. Even if your days are crazy and filled with boxes and moving logistics, keeping a regular sleep schedule will help maintain some sanity. For that matter, keeping your workout routine, although difficult, is also really helpful. And if you’ve got little ones, keep an eye on when they’re going to bed. It’s easy to let kids stay up late and watch movies while you get some move-in work done, but making them stick to a schedule will help everyone’s overall sanity.

Try to minimize other “big” changes. Moving causes enough stress for everyone involved, so try to steer away from any other major life changes if you can help it. Taking a new job, starting a new relationship, or even moving churches can add to the stress of moving time.

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Home Renovations – When to DIY and When to Hire

Beltmann BlogIt’s easy to get over-zealous when it comes to renovating a new home. But sometimes you realize that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and it’s time to call in the pros. Whether you’re searching for a dream home or you’ve just made the big move to Bay Area, take these tips on when to hire the work out and when to do it yourself.

Demolition. Most demo jobs are pretty simple, and you can handle them yourself. But – and this is a huge “but” – you need to check with an experienced contractor or handyman to know what you’re getting into before you bust out that sledgehammer. You don’t want to start busting down a wall to only to find out it was a load-bearing wall. Unless you’re a hundred percent certain that what you’re doing is safe, ask the right people a few questions first.

Painting. It’s likely that several of your friends will offer their services painting your house. But not everyone who says, “I’m a great painter!” is actually a great painter. Be wary if you’ve never seen a person’s work before. Rolling is typically easy enough for a novice, but trimming can be tedious and look sloppy if done by someone who’s inexperienced. Even if you want to do the painting yourself, it may be worth getting a quote on hiring a painter to do the trim, or at least buying a high-quality trim tape like Frog Tape.

 Flooring. Unless you’re pretty experienced and have the right tools, laying flooring like laminate, hardwood, or carpet is best left to the professionals. Again, this may be something you can tag-team together with a contractor. If you find an independent contractor who is willing to work with you, you can feed them pieces while they do the actual floor laying.

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Making the Move Fun

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When it comes to moving, “fun” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Maybe “stressful” or “anxiety-ridden,” but usually not “fun.” But we can learn a few lessons from “The Office” and Michael Scott. A little F-U-N can go a long way on moving day, and it breaks up the stress that comes along with most moves. So don’t let the moving blues get you down. Use a few of these fun-inducing strategies when moving to Ft. Lauderdale.

Rock the tunes. A little Stevie Wonder can make your move-in day more like a dance party. Even if you don’t like Stevie, just pick something upbeat and peppy. It helps to keep everyone energetic and in a better mood. Ask the movers or your friends and family what they’d like to hear, and pump up the volume.

Surprise everyone with some good food or snacks. Buying everyone some ice cream or even the usual pizza can lift spirits of anyone who’s worn out from a long day of moving. Even a bowl of candy on the table can be a little pick-me-up.

Reward yourself for a job well done. Moving is hard, and afterward you (and your family or friends) deserve a reward. So try and plan an evening where you can relax and give the unboxing a break for a few hours. Do something goofy like going bowling, or a grab a bottle of wine with your sweetheart and take the night off. Give yourself something to look forward to after a long day of moving.

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Prioritize the Packing

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So you’ve got a signed purchase agreement on a new home, and you’re excited to move in. If you decided to do only a partial pack or self pack, you take the lead but we are still here to help! Take our tips on packing to help lighten your load a bit.

Start early. Once you’ve got a signed purchase agreement on your house, it’s time to start packing. This will let you pack at a more leisurely pace. Okay, so maybe packing is never “leisurely,” but packing all your stuff over a period of a month is way less stressful than trying to pack it all in one week.

Prioritize based on items you use the least. Things like your off-season clothes and the clutter in the garage can all be packed up early, since you’re unlikely to need them before you move. Go through your house and prioritize the items in each room, and then plan out when you need to pack them in reverse order.

Have a plan for the “last minute” packing. There are some things, like some of your kitchenware and clothes, that you’re going to have to pack last minute. If you have all your boxes and a “game plan” ready for packing these things, the last couple days before your move will be much easier.

Let the pro’s handle it for you! Your New Jersey movers are trained and equipped to help you get your stuff packed light years faster than you can on your own. Hire us for the moving and the packing, and we promise it will make your life a whole lot easier.

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Moving Into Your College Dorm

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If you’re a college student, there’s plenty to be nervous about. Don’t let moving into your dorm be one of them. If you’re going to school in Chicago this year, let our movers do the hard work for you. Take these tips on packing for your college move-in day. Make a comprehensive list for each of these categories, and your stress levels will go down before the big move.

Eating. Granted, you may be eating most of your meals elsewhere, but it’s never a bad idea to have some dishware and snacks nearby. Most dorms will allow a small refrigerator, so check with your school before you move in. A few plates, cups, and cutlery won’t hurt either. That way, when you and your roommate want to order a pizza late at night, you’ve got something to eat it with!

Compact Clothes Solutions. Whatever way you slice it, you’re just not going to have a massive walk-in closet in your dorm room. So getting creative with your closet space is a must. Search some options on the internet on sites like Pinterest for creative but functional ways to save space and store your clothes.

Work Space. No matter what the movies tell us, going to college is supposed to be about learning. Create a good space, even if it’s small, for reading and studying.

Communication. Cork boards or a dry-erase board can go a long way in communicating with your roommate and others. Talk with your roommate about how you want to communicate up front, and you’ll likely save yourself some grief down the road.

A gift for your roommate. Let’s face it, your roommate is someone you need to make a good first impression on. You’ll likely be with them for at least nine months. A small welcoming gift is a great way to show that you hope to be friendly.

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Moving Your Electronics

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Some items are just easier to move than others. Small coffee tables, ottomans, tables, chairs…some things are simple and low maintenance. Electronics, on the other hand, can be tricky. When it comes to the day of the move, or even professional packing, your Los Angeles movers have got you covered. But if you’re going to get a jump-start on packing up those electronics, here’s a few tips that might save you some grief.

Take a picture or draw a diagram of how everything gets connected. Unless you’ve worked in electronics, hooking up all your components might be a little frustrating. Documenting how you take it all apart will help you get things back together a bit quicker. Even just a quick few pictures on your smartphone will likely do the trick.

Use small bags to keep matching components together. A handful a small plastic bags could save you a lot of organizational time when it comes to unpack. Try and keep cords that go together in the same bag. And bonus points for writing on each bag what the cords are for, or taping the baggies to the electronics they go with.

Keep the original packaging for safer moving. Or if you don’t still have the original packaging, make sure and get some appropriately sized boxes and use lots of bubble wrap. Or to save a little money, you could use soft coats, blankets, and pillows to secure the electronics firmly and ensure they won’t get broken.

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Remembering Your Hometown

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Moving time is a busy, busy season. But as you move from one city to another, you and your family might feel a sense of loss. This is completely normal. Your Minneapolis movers will take good care of you on moving day. So you can take care of yourself, your friends, and family leading up to the move. Don’t forget to be a little sentimental!

Visit all your favorite spots. Over the years, you’ve had favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or places that you shop. Plan for an extra couple hundred dollars in your moving budget, so you can visit these places one last time. You might even buy a few mementos from your old stomping grounds to remember them by.

Be sure to spend time with old friends. Especially if you’re moving very far away, you may not see some of your friends for a long time. So build extra time into your hectic schedule to spend with loved ones, and remind them how much they’ve meant to you over the years. If the budget allows, it may even be nice to buy little presents for those you’ve been especially close with.

Take pictures…lots of pictures. Memory doesn’t always serve us correctly, but an image has a way of jogging our memory and giving us warm feelings of nostalgia. Take photos of you with your friends and family in your old home and around the city. This will help you capture this time in your life, and help you move on while still maintaining the memories.

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